Software Engineer in Test

CareerHack offers extensive training and consulting program in software quality assurance field.  Our consultants are expert on standard practices of software quality and cutting-edge technologies.  We are not only focused on your technical skills, but our programs consider your personal growth in a great deal.   We are strong believer of the fact that only technical skills cannot make someone successful in his or her career rather the right mindset and habits.

CareerHack is serious about building IT skilled workforce in United States of America.  Our goal is to build as much local IT professionals possible and help them build their skills to complete with foreign labors.   Our software engineer in test covers many software test practices such as manual testing, automated testing, database testing, API testing, and mobile application testing.

We run customized programs, so to understand more on this program please contact us.  Our career coaches are happy to sit with you and offer a program that is right for you.  In general, we run programs with training period of 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

Our goal is to offer the technologies that makes our consultants competitive in the job market.  We offer top of the industry compensation, benefits, and professional development.  We believe that not only technical skills, but right motivation and mindset is required to be highly successful in job market.  Contact us to learn more about our career development program, and we will be happy to go over details.



CareerCamp is a special program we host quarterly for candidates who completed Software Quality Assurance training from CareerHack or other institution.  This is an extensive program to cover all topics and prepare the candidate for job market within seven (7) days.

The program targets each topic including agile testing, test practices, database testing, SQL, Automated testing using selenium WebDriver, testNG, cucumber, page object model, maven, git and Jenkins.

Each candidate participates activities such as building an automation framework from scratch.  Candidates also go through 3-4 mock interviews with interviewers from different industries.  Our career camp is designed to deliver complete confidence to a candidate for job search success.

Contact us for complete details on a CareerCamp and see if you are eligible to join the upcoming one.  This is the ultimate program before you put yourself to the competitive job market.



HackFest is an extensive program that last three days and two nights on remote location.  The goal of the program is to achieve the benefit of deep work.  Candidates of a HackFest is dedicated to gain maximum technical knowledge within a short time by dedicating only to the subject. 

We travel to locations where no distraction of the city or people and fully focus on the study.  Candidates attend classes for two hours and one-hour break for eighteen hours.  six hours a sleep, and 12 hours of study per day without any phone, TV, and internet.

It may sound pretty intense, but candidates have fun along the study with activities such as playing games, exercise, yoga, meditation, barbeque, and site seeing.  Our day starts at 6 am in the morning ends at 10 pm.

After attending a HackFest, you can handle any technical interview and have the job done.